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Why was Aamir Khan on medication while shooting for Dhoom 3?

When it comes to his films, we know how Mr.Perfectionist Aamir Khan can go to any lengths to give his best. In an extreme case of perfectionism, recently when Aamir was shooting for a song in Dhoom 3 he had to take medication to keep himself going.

Th song ‘Malang’ in which he plays a gymnast will have him rotate for 60 times a minute (nearly one rotation per second) at supersonic speed and he actually did that by himself. And added to that, this song was shot on a mountain top at an altitude of 80 feet. The shooting of this song took place for the whole of a 15 days continuously. Although Aamir Khan could do it for the first few days, the next few days he just couldn’t do it. But then, the perfectionist that he is, he didn’t give up. He took medication for nausea and without complaining one bit, he finished off the whole song.

Speaking on this, a spokesperson of the actor said, “The song was being shot at about 80 feet from the ground. To do this, Aamir was on special medication to be able to perform at ease without major effects on his health.” Now thats what we would call true perfectionism..!

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