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Sonakshi Sinha’s beauty secrets and make up routine

Sonakshi Sinha is our very own, very desi Kim Kardashian. Well, she isn’t wild like Kim or voluptuous like Kim, but she sure is curvaceous.

For a Bollywood belle, her figure isn’t her strong suit. Agreed that she was born with a golden spoon and a free ticket into Bollywood, but she needs to be prim and proper to keep the offers coming. Movie offers guys!

She’s perfectly fine with the way she looks, she has no qualms about her ‘healthy’ figure and has no plans of toning it down a bit. Take it or leave it is her mantra and to be quite honest, none of her movies have ever flopped.

She loves playing with colors. You can always see her in bright color clothes, perfectly done make up and lovely accessories. Lets talk a little about her make up.

sonakshi-sinhaSonakshi Sinha’s daily look is all about a dewy skin, lots of kajal to enhance her eyes and generous amounts of mascara for those flirtatious lashes. She rarely contours her face but always makes it a point to match her blush, lipstick and nail polish.

For her every day look, Sonakshi Sinha uses a Chanel’s Mat Lumiere foundation in Naturel as the perfect base. Since her skin is naturally blessed and flawless, she doesn’t need much of a product. When she hasn’t slept due to continuos shooting, she uses a matching concealer to cover her dar circles.

Her eyes are her best feature and she makes it a point to fill them up with lots of Kohl and her favorite product is Revlon eye pencil in black. If she’s in the mood, she goes for the winged eyeliner or the cat eyed look.

She isn’t a fan or creamy lipsticks or glosses so she always wears mattes and matches her blush with her lipstick. Another distinct feature about Sonakshi Sinha’s look is false eyelashes. She loves highlighting her eyes and the best way to do that is either by applying generous amounts of mascara or by wearing false lashes. She also often changes her contact. Black or brown, depending on her mood.

Sonakshi SinhaYou gotta love such amazing long hair. How can you not? Don’t they look gorgeous? Just look at them! Since they are naturally long and wavy, she prefers for the natural look most of the times. She had once said that she loves to pamper her hair with coconut oil and olive oil massages. She also takes fish oil supplements to keep her hair soft and manageable.

Unlike Bebo, Sonakshi sports different hairstyles at different events. You’ll mostly see her either in a tight bun or a neat high pony tail where all her hair are tightly pulled back giving her the sleek look. If she’s in a fun mood, she plays with her hair by giving them loose outward curves towards the end. She also straightens her hair but you’ll rarely ever find her in poker straight hair. She likes to keep things natural.

In a recent interview with a popular magazine, Sonakshi finally gave us her beauty secrets. Here are few of her secrets.

We can all have a million guesses about her beauty regime but we will never know for sure what is it. But we can be pretty sure about it when it comes directly from her mouth.  While Sonakshi Sinha talks about her fitness regime, she says, “For my skin, I religiously follow the cleansing, toning and moisturising routine— every single day. And I never leave home without an SPF 50 sunscreen. Often, due to continuous shooting, my hair becomes limp. So I shampoo and condition often, as it helps replenish lost nutrients.”

What will we always find in her bag? “Lots and lots of make-up! I have my concealer, my orange lipstick, blush, kajal, mascara and eye-lash curler.”  We told you, she loves her eyes!

Lets end it with her favorite perfume? “D&G Light Blue” . }

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