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Role of Saif Ali Khan in Bullett Raja similar to Omakra?

Well, there have been quite a lot of rumours that Saif Ali Khan’s look in the recent release Bullett Raja is similar to one of his other film. Guess which one? Yes, It is OMKARA! Saif Ali Khan in Bullett Raja looks same as he looked in Omkara. His get-up in both the films match and we wondered in the start if both these roles were almost alike.

Thankfully, putting an end to our speculations, Bullett Raja is out in the theatres for everyone to watch. It is evident that both these roles are distinct but have a hair line similarity.

In Omkara, Saif Ali Khan played the role of Ishwar ‘Langda’ Tyagi, the bad guy!! The entire film was shot in a rural background and so Saif donned the avatar of a local ‘gunda’. His character had ‘darker-than-grey’ shades and his look wan’t quite appealing.

Fast forward 7 years and we have Bullett Raja. This time Saif plays the role of a good boy gone bad but this time for a good cause. He is seen breaking tables, chasing rowdies and romancing his darling Sonakshi Sinha. This film, however, is shot in urban settings and looks much more appealing. His look is rugged but he has also got the charm to make you swoon over him.

The story line of both the films are poles apart. The former being an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Othello and the latter, a modern day film. Saif’s look is almost similar and well, it is quite obvious for us to wonder if the two are connected.d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

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