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Esha plays horror pranks on Bipasha on the sets of Humshakals

Esha Gupta and Bipasha Basu although were rumored to not getting along very well on the sets of their upcoming horror movie Humshakals, they in fact are having quite a lot of fun. The duo are working together once again after Raaz 2. Apparently, Esha who noticed that Bipasha Basu was in reality terrified of ghosts, would tell fake horror stories to the actress at the dinner table who would then get really scared and ask her to stop.

A source close to the unit says, “Though Bipasha has acted in a few horror movies, in real life she is very scared of any ghost talk around her, She is afraid to step out in night and gets jittery with even a faint sound. Esha realized that during the shooting of Raaz 3 and since her fear quotient around darkness isn’t as bad, she decided to play a few pranks with the senior actress.”

“Whenever the cast packed up for the day, Bipasha and Esha used to get chatting about the day gone by and general chit-chat. However Esha would invariably veer talks towards some ghost stories which really scared Bipasha.At times Bipasha would get really scared and ask Esha to go quiet. It was all done in good humour though and there was no bad blood whatsoever.” the source adds speaking on it.

Esha Gupta talks about how the duo got along really well and how Sajid Khan, the director would tell them to go indulge in cat fights as it wasn’t normal for actresses to bong so well. “On the contrary, Sajid used to instigate us to go and indulge in some cat fight,Seeing me and Bipasha bond so well, he used to tell us both that this is not the way two actresses stay under the same roof. It is the rule of film industry to have two actresses taking on each other and hence we should do the same as well by taking out our claws, breathing down each other’s neck and get into some fights” she says.

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