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Akshay chooses Thailand over India for Bhaji in Problem

Akshay Kumar’s first ever Punjabi production, ‘Bhaji in Problem’ has been received very well by both the audiences and the critics. Everyone’s liked it so much that now a lot of people from other states have lined up to buy the remake rights of the movie. Apparently some movie makers from Thailand who’ve watched the film have also loved it and offered to buy the remake rights for it.

And guess who Akki has chosen? He’s supposedly planning on selling the remake rights to the Thai producers. Naturally, we would think that this is because they’ve offered him lots more money than Indians have. But the actual reason he’s chosen Thailand is that he has this special bond with the country, as he’s spent many years in his life there.He’s learned Marshal arts and Muay Thai in the country and has also worked as a waiter in one of Thai’s restaurants way before he entered bollywood. And when they asked for the remake rights, he was only too happy to sell it to the makers of the country that he so loves.

Akshay confirmed this in a newspaper interview saying, “We have got a lot of offers for Bhaji… remakes, but I am considering the Thai offer seriously. Also, don’t forget, the country has a huge Indian population too.”

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