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Say hello to the villains of Bullet Raja

Once upon a time in Bollywood there would a hero a heroin and one damned villain who’d screw their love story. This villain would have multiple henchmen and gundas at his disposal to fight the hero. But our hero would fight them all and save the day. That was the recipe for the perfect Bollywood movie.

But times have changed and so have the trends. Bollywood is on the cusp of a huge change. We have rom-coms, zom-coms, sci-fi, action-hero stuff and just about anything. Now-a-days Bollywood isn’t just about romantic movies which revolve around aamiri-garibi.

Krrish 3 was all about multiple villains and Krrish fighting them all. The same seems to be happening in Saif Ali Khan’s Bullet Raja. The director of the movie, Tigmanshu Dhulia has decided to take this movie a bit further by adding few extra villains here and there. What’s so interesting about them is that they were written keeping the actors in mind. So don’t be surprised when they have their signature style and dialogues in the movie.

Tigmanshu Dhulia says, “Gulshan dresses well, takes care of his fitness, so he was apt for Bajaj. Chunky comes across as a funny guy, so that prompted me to cast him as Lallan. Sumer is like a pehlwan. He may not have six-pack abs, but when he removes his shirt, you’ll believe that he looks like a pehlwan. I like the way Raj ji carries himself in real life, so I wanted him to play the politician.”

Nice, don’t you think? But that’s not it. Tigmanshu also described each character. Want to know how evil the villains of Bullet Raja be? Read below!

Gulshan Grover as Mr Bajaj “He’s a Marwari businessman who is very flamboyant and stylish. In the film, he’s regarded as Dhan ka Bhagwan, Kuber as he holds the key to the Uttar Pradesh treasury and also finances the election campaigns of political parties. I had met Gulshan Grover many times before and was keen to work with him. His dialogue in the movie, ‘Jahaan na pahunche railgaadi, vahaan pahunche bailgaadi… jahaan na pahunche bailgaadi, vahaan pahunche Marwari,’ will strike a chord with the community.”

Ravi Kisan as Sumer Yadav “A few years ago, there was this senior police officer, who claimed that uss mein Radha aa gayi hai. He would dress up as Radha and would worship Lord Krishna. Sumer is a gangster, who, to show that he has become loony, becomes Radha. So, in the first half of the film, Sumer is Radha and then, in the second half, he turns into his real self as a gangster. When Sumer is about to die, he has to ask for forgiveness. Ravi told me that he has never done something like this before as he has always played a hero in Bhojpuri films. Yet, his performance in that scene is to be seen to be believed.”

Raj Babbar as Ram BabuI have worked with him in Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns. In Bullett Raja, Raj ji plays a right-wing politician. He’s very traditional, wears a dhoti and has a choti. Ram Babu is immensely respected by the opposition. Since Raj ji is a politician, it was easy for him to get the nuances of the character right.”

Chunky Panday as Lallan Tiwari “We see Chunky as we know him in real life — a funny guy. When he showed me his older photograph, in which he sported a thin moustache, I told him that he looked like the legendary artist Salvador Dali and that I wanted to cast him as Lallan Tiwari. His character is mean and dangerous. Even though he’s not doing comedy, what Lallan does in the situations he’s in, is fun to watch.”

Interesting! I guess these characters change everything. Now we are excited to watch the movie!

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