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Randeep Hooda: “OUATIM Doobara was the turning point of my career”

Randeep Hooda, who not so long back made his Bollywood debut is busier than ever, with numerous films in his kitty, feels that his cannot find any more time to devote to the stage as he’s busy shooting for many films. hough he is happy with his Bollywood innings, he is more interested in satiating the artiste within him than looking forward to a bumper box office on Fridays.

Randeep’s been acting on stage before entering Bollywood, and the actor is keen on taking up direction in theatre. “There is a sense of purity in theatre which always attracts me. Deep down, I feel I am more of an artist, than a commodity, which Bollywood turns you into. I want to strike a balance. I have directed plays in school. I’ve kind of adapted the book Walk In The Woods into a play, which stars Naseeruddin Shah and is directed by Ratna Pathak Shah. I think I’ve got to branch out on my own now,” he says.

Even after making his debut with Monsoon Wedding in 2001, Randeep had to struggle for several years before he could land any good roles. The actor considers Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai (2010) as the turning point in his career. “Despite having no connections in Bollywood, I am very fortunate that I could begin a second innings after being written off. I’m very grateful for this opportunity. I’m getting great film work, also, but there is something very personal about theatre. There is an instant gratification. The bastardisation of an artiste into a commodity is something which I don’t want to happen to me. We were doing George Bernard Shaw’s Arms And The Man last year, directed by Naseeruddin Shah, but it got shut down because of people’s dates. When we talk about casting me in another play, he says, ‘Your hands are too full with films’. I’m chock-a-block with film work, but somewhere deep down, I know Fridays are not going to rule my life forever. There is more to life than that. I keep myself busy with horses, theatre and films. I want to have a fruitful life, than just waiting for Fridays, which is quite sad actually. I’m going to be acting all my life. But, while doing that, I will try to avoid the trappings of fame.”

But Randeep Hooda’s hectic schedule has never let him diverge from his first love – horses and horse riding. So he has decided to show his love by buying a polo team..

“I have always wanted to do something with horses. They’re my first love. For a long time, I have been toying with the idea of owing my own team, my own club. Now, it all seems to be falling into place. The process is almost complete,” says Randeep.

And why the name Roosters? “Polo has an unbelievable amount of snoot value attached to it, locking the game in a ‘royal’ and ‘exclusive’ stable. And the names are also equally complicated. I wanted something that the common man identifies with. I want to bring this game out of the exclusive stable it is right now, and take it to the common man. I want to scout for young talent, take the games to school and children, so that they grow into it,” says Hooda.



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