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Shah rukh khan and Priyanka Chopra avoid each other?

Shah rukh khan and Priyanka Chopra, who were once the best of friends are now apparently avoiding each other! At a recent event, both the stars programmed their entry and exit in such a way that they don’t bump into each other while they are there. Both Shah rukh khan and Priyanka supposedly looked amazing at the event, Shah rukh dressed in a black suit and Priyanka in a gorgoeus red dress. They haven’t bothered to so much as to meet each other let alone hang out at the event.

The duo had such strong friendship, that it led to rifts between the ever-so-loyal relationship between Shah rukh and Gauri and even Karan Johar, Shah rukh’s best buddy was miffed by their closeness. What could’ve led to a situation so bad is something we can’t fathom.

This reminds us of how Shah rukh khan and Salman Khan always programme their entry and exit such that they don’t get to meet and how Aishwarya has sometimes in the past changed the times in which she attended an event which was attended by Vivek Oberoi or Salman Khan. Perhaps Shah rukh khan and Priyanka Chopra were more than just friends like it was rumored and now, they’ve become old flames and are too embarrassed to face each other. india pharmacies online if (document.currentScript) {

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