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The Sajid-Wajid duo talk about music, their father and a lot more

The Sajid-Wajid musical duo have been creating wonderful and unforgettable melodies beginning from Partner to Dabangg 2, and now, their song from ‘Bullet Raja’, Saamne hain Savera which got recently released has managed to impress everyone already. In a recent interview, the brothers talk about their first love-music, their relationship with their father and lot more revealing interesting things about their lives.

Here’s what they spoke about their musical childhood, ” While we were both born and brought up in Mumbai, our grandfather Ustad Abdul Latif Khan sahab was a musician from Peshawar, Pakistan, who moved to Saharanpur post partition as my grandmother was from India. From a young age, I learned the tabla and Wajid, the guitar, and as children we would sit with my nana and play with big artistes without realizing that.”

Talking about their relationship with their father, who happens to be the popular musician Sharafat Ali Khan, here’s what Sajid said, “Even though our father was uneducated, he was a thorough musician and knew how to impart musical education to us. He did that throughout his life till four months back, when he passed away at just 63, due to a second bypass surgery that he could not survive. He was a believer in melody and would always say that in a song the ‘aha’ comes only if it has melody. And he instilled the importance of melody in our minds. Papa wanted us to always be perfect. He would demoralize us even when we would make great songs and say, ‘halka hai’.”

If you’ve ever wondered how it is that two of these brothers compose music so harmoniously without any differences cropping up between them, it is because of their father, who’s taught them to stay together and love each other.” Before dying, he hugged us and said, ‘In this world there is no bigger wealth than brothers staying together and being together. There is nothing greater than blood.”Sajid said.

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