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Music review of Jackpot: Pleasant but not peppy!

The previous film that Kaizad Gustad made with the legend, Amitabh Bachchan and Katrina Kaif was one of the biggest mistakes ever made by any person! The only good part about the film was launching Katrina Kaif  and of course seeing her in a bikini. This time around he has come up with something really interesting to say the least. Jackpot stars Naseeruddin Shah, Sachin Joshi and Sunny Leon. There is unexplainable thrill about seeing Naseeruddin Shah and Sunny Leon together. Two different people from very different backgrounds coming together makes for an awesome thrill. Music review of Jackpot is something we should check out ASAP.

The music of JACKPOT is totally situational, one that is designed to take the story forward and so it can gain popularity after the film releases.  There are not much expectations from a host of composers led by Sharib-Toshi, singer Mika Singh who turns composer and quite a few fresh and old music directors. The songs of the film are pleasantly nice but not something exceptional. There is nothing very new . Easily the most entertaining and the best of the lot is the funny composition of Eggjactly.  However two songs, ‘Kabhi Jo Baadal Barse’ and ‘Eggjactly’ do have the potential hit the charts and are our favorite as well. Extensive promotions is needed for the album to make a mark and scale the charts. These songs would probably make a lot more sense if we were to watch the films as they are very contextual but listening to them when you are just chilling or driving around is a bad idea! 


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