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What makes Sachiin Joshi and Sunny Leone’s chemistry so good?

In all the posters of Jackpot, we can’t fail to notice how despite being a very mismatched couple, Sachiin Joshi and Sunny Leone have quite a lot of chemistry brewing between them. Apparently, in the movie we will see that the couple will have even more chemistry between them according to the director Kaizad Gustad. Sachiin will play the role of the Goan gambler ‘Francis’ where as Sunny plays the casino manager ‘Maya’.

Kaizad explains that it because of all the love and hate relationship between them in the movie that will bring about all the chemistry. “There is smouldering chemistry between Sachiin and Sunny in the film. Both of them are playing a game, where they have one eye on the money and the other on each other. This is what makes their equation interesting” says Kaizad, speaking about it.

He also spoke about how having Naseeruddin Shah in the movie will be an added asset to it. “There is an interesting cast, with Nasseruddin Shah in the picture too. All of them have a real goal, the Jackpot which is a briefcase with cash,” he said.

To find out all about the chemistry between Sachiin Joshi and Sunny Leone and how interesting the movie is going to be, we have until December 13th when the movie releases to find out.


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