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Find out why Katrina Kaif has the last laugh in Dhoom 3?

Katrina Kaif didn’t have a single dialogue to utter in the theatrical promo of Dhoom 3, something which surely took her die-hard fans by surprise. However, the sexy actress is now all set to create an uproar with the music video of her title track from the film indeed creating ‘dhoom’. The song is being played on all online and satellite channels turning out to be a smash success as the film’s release is just 4 weeks away.

“This time around she is hogging the limelight, and rightly so,” says a close associate, “The music video lasts a good over three minutes and is longer than the theatrical promo which was basically centered on Aamir Khan. Katrina knew about this from the very beginning and just smiled it all away when it was insinuated by a few that she was being left out. That was not the case though as she knew that there was something much bigger and better awaiting her.”

The music video which features Katrina is not just boasting of a new sound of ‘Dhoom’ but has also become an instant hit among the audiences thanks to the innovative choreography and picturisation at work.

“In Dhoom, there were two versions of the song, one each with Esha Deol and Tata Young and they set the path for more to follow. Later in Dhoom 2, it was the turn of Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai to ignite the fire. However Katrina has managed to take a huge jump ahead,” comments an observer, “Yet again, she has danced away to glory and the grace with which she made her moves count against the rhythm of the beats is tantalizing to say the least.”

Here is a look at what we are talking about! Watch the title track and leave a commment about the same..

Dhoom Machale Dhoom – Song – DHOOM:3

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