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“I don’t know if I’m in love”- Bipasha Basu

We know how Bipasha Basu has been spotted with her supposed lover Harman Baweja nearly half a dozen times in the recent past. So is the Bengali beauty back in love? When she was asked about why she was spotted with Harman so many times by a popular magazine, here is what she says,

“Maybe it means that I have now more time to meet people. After coming back from London I got a few days off. I really don’t understand what is happening to our country. There are photographers everywhere! Honestly, I am a very free person but it’s little exhausting to come out and find the paparazzi. One is not always dressed well. It’s getting a little tiring for me but that doesn’t mean I will stop doing what I want to do. The sad part is why single out one person? There was Rocky, Beenal, Soham, Pauline and Munai. We all left together but the article was about Harman and me. Even Gattu was there with his friends.”

She however, hasn’t denied the fact that she was in love, being very evasive about the whole issue, “When I am ready to say something I will say it. These are very sensitive questions. As you said when you’re mature you have to handle everything in your life more maturely so if I need or feel I want to speak about something, I will.”

“Harman is a good friend of mine! I’m kidding with you! This is the problem with me. I can’t get serious. I can’t categorise. He’s a friend, a great guy, I get along well with him… We will see what happens in life” she says, when asked about her relationship with Harman.

“I don’t know if I’m in love..I can’t figure myself right now… It’s a bad idea to say that I am in love. At some point I have to be. I am a very difficult person to figure and right now I am not giving myself too much attention. I am a very loving person. With time I can get attached to anything but making a big statement would be premature for me.”

We wonder why the actress who was so open about everything in the past has become so secretive and cagey all of a sudden.
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