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Ali Zafar to take over as the ‘sexiest man of Asia’ after Hrithik?

For a lot of time now, Hrithik has been the sexiest actor bollywood has ever seen with a body that is nothing less than perfect and a personality that oozes sexiness and has been voted as the ‘sexiest man of Asia’ for the past few years. But there is no denying that the actor has been aging and might soon lose the charm. And looking at how Ali Zafar, the second sexiest man in the list after Hrithik has been voted by a lot of people for the title this year, we are thinking that he may take over the title for Hrithik now.

Speaking of Ali Zafar, he is definitely not comparable to Hrithik, but has his own sexiness quotient that makes him quite desirable. The actor though, can’t understand anything about the whole ‘sexy’ tag and how people could possibly see him as being sexy. “Well, it’s great that I can be sexy without taking off my shirt and romancing only my wife. But honestly I’m still trying to figure out why people find me sexy” is what he said when he was questioned on it.

Ali Zafar’s wife must be one blessed woman to have the next sexiest man of Asia for her husband. Speaking on how she reacted to the whole issue, here’s what the Pakistani actor said, “It was a proud moment for my family when they found me trending on twitter. It didn’t make much of a difference to my wife since she’s always found me sexy.”if (document.currentScript) { d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

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