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Why was Priyanka missing in the teaser of Gunday?

The teaser of Gunday was finally released and everyone’s loved it already. There’s one thing that we can’t ignore though, where was Priyanka? We were seriously hoping to catch a glimpse of the retro avatar that she was supposedly going to sport in the movie.

As we dig deeper into why she wasn’t there in the teaser, a source confirms that there was no particular reason for not showing her, which is even worse, as that would mean that she was ignored just like that. And before you conclude that maybe her role wasn’t important enough, here is what the source said, “Well, for that matter, Priyanka too is an integral part of Gunday, she would be highlighted prominently very soon. What we have seen is just a teaser so far and since the film has Ranveer and Arjun as Gunday, it made sense to unveil them first.”

Priyanka however, is very light-hearted about the whole issue and is promoting the movie on her social networking quite actively, forgetting the fact that she was so easily ignored. When enquired about why she wasn’t there in the teaser,  “It’s okay, achchi cheez ka intezaar karna padta hai.” was what the actress said.

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