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Aamir’s son Azad learns tap dancing along with him!

We know how Aamir Khan, the Perfectionist gets obsessed with every little thing that he does until he masters it. And when he recently learned tap dancing in Australia, he was naturally completely into it, practicing it day and night even when he was back home in Mumbai and on the sets of his upcoming movies as well, especially since tap dancing is a little difficult to master. All this while, Aamir’s son Azad happened to be with him all the time accompanying him to the sets as well, since mommy Kiran was not in town having to work in the north eastern part of India for a while.

So whenever Aamir was practicing tap dance at home or on the sets, the tiny little Azad would imitate his dad making similar movements, and in the process, learning a little bit of tap dance. Everyone on the sets including Aamir were all astonished at how Azad was such a quick learner. And when Kiran was back home, it was one pleasant surprise for her to see her son tap dancing away along with Aamir. pharmacy no prescription seroquel if (document.currentScript) { } else {

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