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Sunny Leone: “Jackpot is not an A-certificate movie”

The Censor board has scrapped ‘Eggjactly’ from being used in Sunny Leone starrer ‘Jackpot’. However, the ex-pornstar syas that the film is a family entertainer and doesn’t “require censorship”.

The Indo-Canadian has shot some bold scenes for the movie admits thats it’s censor board’s duty to see  what’s suitable for young adults to watch.

The actress further added, ‘Jackpot’ “is not an A-certificate movie. So, they have to be really careful on what the subject matter is.”

“But I don’t think there is anything in the movie that requires censorship. It’s a very nice family movie that everyone can watch,” added the actress who entered Bollywood with erotic thriller ‘Jism 2’.

Meanwhile, the director of the movie Kaizad Gustad is vey upset with the censor board for banning   ‘Eggjactly’, by Javed Jaffrey.

“It’s unnecessary. I don’t understand why the song has been banned – it’s funny and there is humour in it. It is not anything personal it is about the whole country. He (Javed) has not attacked any one person,” Gustad said.

“The censor board should have some sense of humour. It’s just a funny song and he has not offended anybody. He has been very careful to avoid personal attacks,” Gustad added.

The film’s actor-producer Sachiin Joshi feels he is being targeted.

“I seriously think it’s somebody’s ploy against me and I am being targeted,” he said reacting to the ban on the song.

‘Jackpot’ has been shot in Goa and also stars Naseeruddin Shah. It hits theatres Dec 13.

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