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Shruti Haasan’s stalker was looking out for a job for his brother!

Now we all are well aware of the saga of a Shruti Haasan’s stalker and the way he barged into Haasan’s house.. The actress later lodged a complaint against the stalker and following this, the stalker was arrested.

The family of Ashok Shankar Trimukhe, the spot boy who allegedly stalked Shruti Haasan is stunned that the actress filed a police complaint against him. Trimukhe, they said, is the main earning member of the family of seven, and he was merely trying to approach Haasan in the hope that she would recommend his younger brother for a permanent job.

Shruti Haasan however defended her action saying that had Trimukhe approached her or her staff on the sets, they would have dealt with it appropriately, but that “as a single woman, having someone trying to barge into my home” is another matter altogether.

At their Dharavi home on Sunday, Trimukhe’s sister Shalini, 30, told us, “His arrest came as a shock. My brother learnt that Shruti’s sister Akshara is embarking on a film career, and thought she would need a spot boy. He was hoping our brother would get a permanent job if Shruti puts in a word. But, the police came knocking on our door…”

“My brother did not try barging in. He even made an entry in the visitors’ dairy and asked the watchman to accompany him. He said when Haasan began shutting the door he tried to stop her by asking if she recognised him. But she slammed the door, hurting his hand,” Shalini said.
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