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Krrish 3: Commercial Success but mockery from public

Krrish 3 broke all records set by movies like 3 Idiots buying propranolol online , Chennai Express, etc and became the fastest movie to gross more than Rs. 200 crores. The director of the movie Rakesh Roshan had said during the promotions that he hoped the movie grosses Rs. 1000 crores and now he is elated at the response the movie got at the box office. Now on one side, the movie is a major commercial success but on the other side, the movie is being mightily mocked at by the audiences on twitter and other networking sites.

Let’s take a look at what the twitter-folk say about this.

Rohit Shrestha@rohits: Krrish 3 ke songs sunne ke baad Jadoo ne yeh decide kiya ki vo Krrish aur uske Papa ko di hui saari powers waapas le lega

Sebby @DaPseudoVirgin: Just saved a guy from committing suicide. Stopped him before he could download Krrish3’s music

Rajiv Choudhary @munnabhai: Researches have proved that keeping Krrish 3 songs as your alarm tone would wake you up instantly & won’t let you sleep for next 24 hrs.

Rahat @Gunni: I just listened Krrish 3 songs and surprised… all my organs are still working!

Lisa @LisaEli: Krrish 3 should release with SKIP option for all songs.

Dipinder M.U.staine @Dipindersingh: I was already convinced that Kangana was not a human, so why bore me with a 2.30 hr long movie. #Krrish3.

Madhav Sharan @Madhavanmiku: How a superhero like Krrish could be fooled by a mutant who posed as his wife? Kudos to Nari Shakti.. A woman can make fool even a superhero!!!

illyas@brbBob: Krrish saves a kid in the movie. Shakitamn is upset… Shit man, I missed it again:P

Rahat Baba @ChampuChikna: Even Superman compliments Krrish as after watching Krrish, he realized… kachha pant ke niche he pehna jata hai!!!

Mohit Raj @LoveMeBabe: Krrish is really Indian superhero as unlike superman, he knows how to wear an UNDERWEAR!!!

Rohit @Rohitrai: Guess after Krrish 3 success who is more worried… Not SRK, Aamir or Salman.. it’s AIR INDIA!!!

Aman Verma @Meenu: Shahrukh should be worried now as Krrish 4 visual effects will be done by Rajinikanth!

Rashmi Nagar @Rashminagar: Shah Rukh to Gauri: Don’t get angry darling. I can do anything for you… even can watch Krrish 3 too!

Atul Agarwal @MamaBoy: Vivek had said that he will prove himself the worst villain of Bollywood.. Well-done man, you proved it that you’re the WORST.

Mazhar Rashid @HiJaanu: Rakesh Roshan is eager to make Krrish 4. No matter ‘Kaal Ho Na Ho’

Raj @facebook: Kaal (Vivek) Rohit ke DNA se bana hota he. Isliye woh Krish ka Bhai hua! Aur Kaya (Kangana) Kaal aur Girgit ke DNA se bani hoti he. To Kaya Kaal ki beti huyi.To Kaya ko Krrish se pyar kyu ho jaat he? Krrish to kaya ka chacha hai… Uthale re baba uthale.
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