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Kashmiri locals stall the shooting of Haider

Adapting Shakespeare’s literary works is something that bollywood directors have always loved and have done time and again. Although they’ve in the past made movies that were inspired by Othello and Romeo and Juliet and all of that, no one’s touched Hamlet so far until Vishal Bharadwaj has decided to make Haider out of it. And the shooting of the movie starring the duo Shahid Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor is currently going on in Kashmir amidst all the beautiful locations.

But then, shooting for any film in Kashmir isn’t an easy task with so many troubles the state constantly undergoes. Although Vishal Bharadwaj took permission from the officials for the shooting, some local Kashmiri students apparently stopped the shooting by protesting for the crew members to leave the Naseem Bagh (Kashmir University Garden) where it was being held. They are even said to have protested against the tricolor flag being hoisted in the area which was a part of the setting for the movie. Some of them have uttered some pro-freedom slogans and ruined the setting of the movie.

The police then took action and arrested some of the students but later, when the university authorities spoke to the officials, they were released.


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