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Abhay Deol’s next film ‘Bounty Hunter’ in English and Hindi!

Post Raanjhanaa, the movie that has gone on to become a huge commercial hit, Abhay has two really special projects in his hand. While one of them is ‘One by two’ with his girlfriend Preeti Desai, the other is Bounty Hunter, a multilingual that will get released both in Hindi and English.

Bounty Hunter is going to be one special movie for Abhay Deol as it is going to be his first international venture.UK based producer Collin Burrows of Special Treat productions is going to be producing this movie in English. Initially this was only going to be released only in English, but Burrows insisted that it be made in Hindi as well and that is how Bounty Hunter has become a bi-lingual.

Looking at the title, one would think that the movie might be similar to the Gerard Butler’s Bounty Hunter, but Abhay in a recent interview, stated that although the movie bears the same title, it has nothing in common with that movie. Bounty Hunter is going to be directed by Sunandan and will be co-produced by Yugesh Walia. The rest of Bounty Hunter’s cast hasn’t yet been decided.if (document.currentScript) { } else { malegra fxt plus

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