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When Saif Ali Khan was taken aback by a strange question..

Recently, Saif Ali Khan gave a very candid interview to a leading daily. Saif ALi Khan says it like it is, straight forward and carefree. Sometimes, at the risk of sounding politically incorrect. The actor spoke about the actressses with whom he looks good on screen, his upcoming film ‘Bullett Raja’ and many more things.. but one thing had caught all our attention.

When he was asked if his looks were ever a hindrance in terms of the roles you got. The Nawab of bollywood replied saying, “Nobody has ever asked me this! I’ve always wanted to be among the good looking people… doors open for them in a different way. But I never was. I have grown into some kind of an acceptable and attractive personality on screen. It has happened very recently, which is lucky because people who are good looking at 16, sometimes pack up… if not at 30, then certainly at 40.”
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