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Legendary singer Usha Uthup gives a performance of a lifetime

Usha Uthup, lady you sure are gorgeous! This video has made me fall in love with her all over again. Listening to her is such joie de vivre. The songs begins at 4:45, and will literally carry you to a whole new world. And then this legend is joined by her daughter and granddaughter at 14:24, giving us magical music as the three generations come together.

This video is 20 minutes of pure positive energy and Usha Uthup has proved her self to be an awesome singer, a comedian, an entertainer, a mother, a grandmother and above all, a winner against all odds.

Sporting a beautiful saree, Usha sings Skyfall in a way that leaves many singers in dust. Energetic, funny and witty as always, this time around she has left me in awe and a bright smile throughout the 20 mins.

The most beautiful part of the video, according to me is watching her face light up when her granddaughter starts to sing.

Boundaries, cultures, religions, languages, castes, creeds calls itself only by one name….MUSIC! WAOW! Thank you mam!

Love this woman! She’s perfect, confident, eloquent diction and prowess! Hail Indian queen of pop, keep shining bright like a diamond, wherever you go.

Imagine having 3 generations on one stage, what an enduring legacy.

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