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SHOCKING! Tanisha and Armaan caught nude in the Bigg Boss house

Yes peep, you read that right. Tanisha & Armaan have done the unimaginable. The duo were caught on cameras in an embarrassing situation in the Bigg Boss house, a place where nothing can be hidden, be it love, hate or even getting intimate.

News is that the alleged lovebirds Tanisha & Armaan were found naked, getting intimate, despite knowing and not caring about the fact that cameras are fitted in every hook and corner of the house.

Luckily for the couple, this intimate act will not be shown on television, as Bigg Boss is featured at prime time and is viewed by family audiences, besides others.

Tanisha & Armaan’s this act has also apparently caused a delay in the entry of Kushal Tandon, as the makers are first trying to get this embarrassing situation under control. It is also heard that Tanisha’s family is shocked by this behavior and are trying to get her evicted from the show.

Meanwhile, sister Kajol and mommy Tanuja are extremely upset with Tanisha and bro-in-law Ajay is trying his best to get hold of the footage of those intimate moments. Also, buzz is that Salman Khan, being a dear friend to the entire family has promised to handle this situation carefully.

Tanisha’s family is refusing to speak to the media as well.

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