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What is the reason behind Katrina Kaif looking outrageously hot in Dhoom 3?

The barbie doll of Bollywood, Katrina Kaif seems to have hit top form when it comes to being hot. The already hot actress will be seen scorching the big screen in this year’s most awaited flick Dhoom 3. 

Yes, you’ve all seen the trailer and the Dhoom Machale song from the movie and my goodness, she can totally compete with Mila Kunis, I’d say. Well, the word is out that the actress has done a lot of hard work in achieving that body. Apart from all the make-up and some photoshop of course. But I bet you’re interested in knowing the secret behind that tantalizing bod!

Katrina Kaif trained strenuously under Reza and also trained in pilates with Yasmin Karachiwala.  This rigorous training involves control, flow and concentration to develop a strong core to perform all the breath-taking and death-defying stunts she’s been doing for over a year during the shoot. She was also trained by professionals from London for her aerial acrobats.

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  1. Taina

    November 21, 2013 at 11:22 pm

    He dis movie proves futile and intersting cause dhoom 2 caused me pain n regret

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