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Bollywood songs having the actors name: Real and Reel life ka confusion!

In our Bollywood movies there is a lot of action, romance, dance and music. The songs are generally based on the ongoing situations, but sometimes , trust us, they are baseless. There is this item number out of the blue, because apparently it is the formula for a film to be a hit, but there are cases even worse than that. There’re songs based on the name of the actors that pops out of no where. We thought the actors shed their real life image and gets into the skin of the character, guess we are wrong. Here’s a look at Bollywood songs having the actors name which is absurd most of the time.

Kareena Kapoor

Alright so her name is Ria in the film Kambakkht Ishq and this song says Bebo main Bebo, dil mera lelo. We understand that Kareena Kapoor loves her pet name but not so much that she uses in films where her character’s name is not Bebo! This song is a nice peppy number that is put in the plot to seduce Akshay Kumar. She does that very well, but the only problem that we have is is why can’t she seduce him being Ria? Why and where the hell does Bebo come from in this film?

Bipasha Basu

Jodi breakers was a bad film. We love Madhavan and Bipasha, separately, together they are big mismatch. The only good part about the film was the item number by Bipasha Basu. Seductive moves and revealing clothes made sure that the audience was entertained but again what was the song? Bipasha main Bipasha, we know that your name is Bipasha, they mentioned that in the credits! Why did she have to get a song composed on her name to prove it to us? And where did the song Bipasha come in a film where her name is Sonali?

The Bachchans

This song is our last resort and a savior! The song is at least in connection with the name of the reel life character and not real life character. This is from the comedy, Bol Bachchan and is entertaining!

Honey Singh

Alright he is really popular and has many girls drooling over him and many guys eyeing him, as competition okay! Every song that Honey Singh has composed or sung, be it for a film or album, he makes sure his name is squeezed in between somewhere. He has a very typical genre of music and he boundaries that genre by mentioning his name without fail.
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