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Shahid Kapoor is single and waiting for that right person!

Bollywood star actor, Shahid Kapoor who has garnered a lot of fame and fan owing to his success in the past few films says that he will settle down in life only if her finds the right girl.

The 32-year-old, who is looking forward to his next release ‘R… Rajkumar’, wants to put his personal life on track as well.

“I have been single for two years and I am happy being single. If I like a girl, maybe I will settle down … otherwise it’s too tiring … dil toote, depression mein jayo (With heartbreak, one goes into depression) … So now pyaar hoga toh (If I fall in love), I will settle down.”

Shahid Kapoor was earlier in a relationship with Kareena Kapoor. Later they broke up due to misunderstandings and Kareena moved on in life and married Saif Ali Khan while the Kapoor lad is still single.

There were reports that Shahid’s father, actor-filmmaker Pankaj Kapur is looking for a bride for him, but he said, “My dad is not hunting for any girl for me. Dad doesn’t pressurise me, neither is he looking for any girl. He will not take that pressure on himself.”
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