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Respect for the entire team of Ram Leela

SPOILER ALERT : If you haven’t watched the movie, then please do not read this article. I don’t want to spoil the movie for you.

Jab ram naam ka rag lage, toh paani mai bhi aag lage. I didn’t quite understand the intensity of this dialogue when I watched the trailer. I couldn’t fathom the use of such an absurd dialogue. Pani mai bhi aag lage? Seriously?

I am not a fan of Sanjay Leela Bhansali or his movies to be quite honest. And for me, Ram Leela was like bleh. I had a hundred reasons of why I DIDN’T want to watch the movie. I didn’t like Ranveer Singh, I didn’t like the backdrop of the movie. I don’t like violence, I am not a fan of tragic endings and I valued Romeo and Juliet too much. I just couldn’t sit there and endure 3 hours of drama in the name of Indianised Romeo and Juliet. But then, after long calculated thoughts, I decided to give Ram Leela a shot. Not because I wanted to appreciate the movie, but because I loved what Deepika Padukone wore.

So there I was watching Ram Leela and fifteen minutes into the movie I was proud of myself. If it wasn’t for my liking for Deepika Padukone’s costumes, I would’ve missed an epic movie. Ranveer Singh’s existence bothered me. I never liked him but his entry in the movie had me grinning ear to ear and after that damned entry, every time Ranveer Singh was on screen I couldn’t help myself from smiling like a lovesick puppy! Wearing his heart on his sleeve, his cocky nature, his hair, that awesome beard and those boots or shoes or whatever they are. Uff!! HOTNESS.

Deepika Padukone’s devil may care attitude was simply refreshing. If I start talking about her hair, make up and costumes, I’m afraid I won’t be able to stop myself. So I’m going to skip that part. You could see Deepika Padukone’s hard work in the movie, her dialogues, her dance steps, everything. Then there was Supriya Pathak as Dhankor Baa, Leela’s mother. She was pure terror. Horrifying. Her chilled out attitude was even more scary. Her crazy kohl filled eyes send shivers down my spine. Then there was Riccha Chadda and Barkha Bisht playing Leela’s and Ram’s bhabi.

Yeah, everything about Ram Leela was brilliant but what I cannot get over is Ram Leela’s love. Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s intense portrayal of Leela and Ram had me thinking if the two were actually in love. Ranveer’s poetry in the movie was hilarious. Example : Green hai angoor kele ka rang peela hai, kehdo saari duniya se, Ram ki Leela hai.

But there was this one scene in particular which is still etched in my mind. I simply cannot get over it and I can watch Ram Leela a million times just for that one scene. This is from when Ram Leela come to a truce and decide to share the business in front of the Sarpanch. This is what happens:

Ram and Leela have a little yet very emotional-intentional spat and then they divide the business.

Sarpanch: Hum sab chahte hai ki aap dono (Saneda and Rajadi) ek hojaye.
Ram : Chalo, koi toh chahta hai ke hum ek hojaye..
Leela : Par mai nahi chahti sarpanch ji. Inhone bhai ko mara hai mere
Ram : Bhai toh mera bhi gaya sarpanch ji
Leela : Humari aurtaon ki izzat pe haath dala gaya.
Ram : Koshish toh idar se bhi hui
Leela : Meri maa pe goli chalayi
Ram : Reee..! (By this time Ranveer is going through hell and you can see it in his eyes) Meri biwi mujhse cheenli
Leela : Har cheez ka badla liya, toh iska kyun nahi? (Ranveer breaks and starts crying. Not literally but his tears betray him and his face breaks your heart)
Leela : Arrey, sula k naam pe bandukhe chali, uska badla kyun nahi? (Deepika starts crying and Ranveer is shocked)
Leela : Waadon se mukharne ka badla, zimmedari se bhagne ka badla, duniya k samne tamasha banane ka badla, kyun nahi? (By this time you realize that this isn’t about the age old enmity between the Rajadi and Saneda clan but about how Ranveer did nothing when they took away Deepika. Ranveer also realizes this and there is this anguish in his face and he’s a burning man.)
Leela : Dushman se pyaar nibhana har kiseke bas ki baat nahi hoti. Chalo diya haath sarpanhji, bair khatam, hogayi sulah.
Leela : Aaj ke baad kisi Saneda ka kisi Rajadi se koi waasta nahi
Leela : Na tum hamari gali aao, na hum tumhare taraf jayenge
Leela : Aur rahi baat dhande ki, toh tambaku ka dhanda tumhara, asla smuggling ka humara.
Ram : Aye, likh popat, aaj se saara nasa (nasha) humara hosh.. inke hawale
Leela : Samandar ke raaste humare, zameen k tumhare.
Ram : Barabar che. Popat, aaj se wafadari gayi tel lene, namak harami karni padegi, namak toh inke hise mai hogaya hai. (Ranveer is crying and every word that comes out of his mouth pierces your heart.)
Leela : Yahan se wahan, na goli chalegi, na aanaj jayega, na koi betiyan.
Ram : Likh!! Aaj se na hum goli chalaenge, na khana khayenge, na saadi (shaadi) karenge.
Ram : Ab haath milaliye toh galle bhi millo hujoor.

This entire scene and exchange of dialogues only took like 5 minutes but the intensity was way too much.  This is where I knew that nobody could ever make a better remake of Romeo and Juliet. The entire story line was so twisted, specially the end. Very tragic but it was brilliant. Hats off to Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh and the entire team of Ram Leela for making such an amazing movie. The movie may or may not enter the 100 crore club, may or may not beat Chennai Express’s record. But when it comes to epic story line, all bets are off. This is the best movie of the year!

What is it about their love that is so special? Well, everything! I would like to end by quoting Riccha Chadda, Leela’s bhabi, bada badtameez, besharam, khudgaraz hota hai par pyaar toh aisa hi hota hai.

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