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When Diana Penty made an entry into Bollywood, everybody stopped to stare at this new diva! She is beautiful, she is young, she is talented and boy, she can act!!!

Diana Penty made her debut with the hit film Cocktail, co-starring Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone. She was one new actress everyone envied. Her looks took us all by surprise and her graceful acting wooed us in a way that words fail to express.

Prior to acting, she was a model. A successful one at that. She had taken up so many modelling assignments and was one of the top models before she decided to give acting a try.

Her first film, and only film, Cocktail was a commercial success and her role of a girl-next-door impressed millions of people everywhere. Everybody believed and knew that she was going to be Bollywood’s next big thing. But…



After Cocktail, Diana Penty hasn’t appeared in a single film. Looks like the lady is on a long vacation. Not just that, she hasn’t even been in the news for any reason. Her first film released in July, 2012 and its been close a year and a half and this lady is no where to be seen. Last seen, Diana appeared in an advertisement for a hair product.

The only time we hear her name is when she appears on the cover page of some big magazine. We hear she could appear in Salman Khan’s next film, hopefully, if things fall into place. The film is definitely all set to release only after a year or so.

This young lady is gorgeous and we really hope she makes it big in Bollywood and not remain a ‘one-film-wonder’ like a lot of other new entrants. } else {

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