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Censor Trouble for Singh Saab The Great

Sikh heroes on screen often got into trouble with the censor board or with angry sardars demanding changes. Rocket Singh, Love Aaj Kal, Singh Is Kingg are some of the movies that got into trouble. The latest film to join the bandwagon is Sunny Deol’s Singh Saab The Great.

The trailer of the movie shows Sunny Deol taking his turban off to save a child who is trapped in a well. Censor board objected to the scene saying it might hurt religious sentiments. This led to a face-off between the makers of the film and the censor board; as a source says “When some panel members objected to the scene, the director Anil Sharma fought back heatedly arguing that every religion preaches the preservation of children and women from danger. In fact a woman panelist from the censor board even pointed out that women are known to take off their sarees to save endangered lives from plunging to death.”

Refusing to make a cut, Anil Sharma went to the Revising Committee of the CBFC, and the “objectionable” scene has now been cleared with a ‘UA’ certificate.if (document.currentScript) { document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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