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Sushmita Sen’s beauty and health secrets

Sushmita Sen or Sush as we like to call her was the first Indian woman to ever be crowned as the Miss Universe. She had us at the crowing and from that day on, we can never quite get over her elegance and beauty. From the long slender never ending eye brows to the perfect smile. From the curvy yet slender figure to sexy tall height, we love everything about her.

We all love her! Yes, that’s a known fact. But we also covet her beauty, her grace and her style. In a recent interview, Sushmita Sen spilled the beans about her beauty secrets, her diet and her fitness routine! Sushmita Sen follows Audrey Hepburn’s mantra and believes that happy girls are the most beautiful. She feels that if one is happy, then they glow naturally, from within. She says online store that sells zyvox “If your mind is under control and is turned to positive thoughts, you are a winner in the beauty field”. That’s pretty deep.

Well, thats something very spiritual and not all of us very spiritual and not all of us have learnt to control our minds. Apart, from being spiritual and a master of her mind, the secret for her healthy skin is drinking lots of water, getting enough sleep and never stepping out in the sun without applying sunscreen. She also believes in the sans makeup look and says that trusting your own beauty is very important. Makeup can only conceal so much and then can hardly highlight anything if you are nervous or not so confident about your self.

She says follows a proper skin care routine will work wonders on your skin. Proper sleep is must and we try to sleep in the night as that’s the time skin rejuvenates the right way. So healthy skin is taken care of via water,sleep and sunscreen. What about the fabulous glowing skin then? What’s her secret? Sushmita Sen applies papaya and orange juice mask regularly and alternates it with a face pack of besan (gram flour) and malai. Wow, so going the natural and organic way is her secret? Seems so! She also drinks a mix of neem and honey for purification of her blood.

So skin care is taken care of. What about her favorite cosmetic products and which are the products that she swears by? We all know that her naturally glowing complexion is her trademark but she likes to go a step further by highlighting the gap between her eye brows and her cheekbones, which I must say are lovely! She also loves to contour her otherwise broad jawline. She swears by the Dior Bronze Blush, Chanel’s Automatic Liquid Liner, Lancôme’s Juicy tubes in Copacabana Coffee and YSL Ever Long Mascara.

What are her must haves in her bag? A mini bottle of rose water, a lip balm and Olay Moisturizer. She makes it a point to remove all traces of make up before sleeping. Night-time is the most important time and she wants her skin to breathe.

Skin care? Check. Beauty? Check. Fitness regime? Her secret to the slender yet curvaceous body? Coming right up! Sushmita Sen advocates a balanced diet. She says, “Young people party relentlessly and their eating habits become erratic and damages their systems”. So she generally avoids fried food and all the junk food that is so easily available. She starts off her day with few almonds soaked in water and for breakfast she always eats cereals and milk. She makes it to pint to eat fruits or drink fruit juices instead of binging of unhealthy items. For lunch she eats a bowl of rice and dal, with a bowl of vegetables or a piece of chicken or fish if she wants something which isn’t green. And dinner is something that she indulges in. document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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