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Sunny Deol to make Ghayal 2

The Dhai Kilo Ka Haat Sunny bhai, who appeared in the 1990 hit film Ghayal, is now keen on making a sequel of the film.

“First time, I was sure that we will make the film in the same year, but I don’t know why it didn’t happen. Second time when we tried, again it didn’t happen. Now this is the third time and I will work on it again and I am certain that it will happen,” said Sunny, who has been wanting to make a sequel ever since the film was released.

When probed about it, the 57 year old actor said “Ghaya Returns is something which I don’t want to talk about because ‘usko nazar lag gayi hai kisi ki’ (evil spell has been cast on the project). But it is happening for sure.”

Meanwhile, he will be next seen in the movie Singh Saab The Great, starring Amrita Rao. Recently, the movie was in the news as the producer Mahendra Dhariwal had defaulted on the payment that was due to Sunny.

“If you sign a senior actor like Sunny, you should be professional about payments. Dhariwal is making Sunny run round in circles,” said the source and added that Sunny has refused to complete the dubbing of the film till he gets his due.

Meanwhile on a different note, Amrita Rao, who plays a journalist in the film Singh Saab The Great, said she is not ready for a man in her life. “The day I miss having a man in my life, I’ll get one. Having said that, I’d love to be with a man who is happy. Today, being a happy person is more challenging than being a successful one,” concludes the actress.

The movie is scheduled to be released on November 22nd.

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