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Anil Kapoor launches animation film Mahabharat

Actor Anil Kapoor launched the first look of the animation film ‘Mahabharat’ in Mumbai, on Saturday, November 16.

Anil Kapoor said: “This (being a part of this film) was my loyalty towards Jayanti bhai as friend. For me, my friendship and loyalty is very important and of course then came the great epic Mahabharata and I knew that with Jayanti bhai and all the others involved in this project, it has to have integrity, honesty and dedication.”

The animation film Mahabharat has top actors voice cast. Ajay Devgn will voice the character of Arjun, Amitabh Bachchan of Bheeshma, Anil Kapoor of Karan, Vidya Balan of Draupadi, Manoj Bajpayee of Yudishtirand, Jackie Shroff of Duryodhan, Anupam Kher of Shakuni,Sunny Deol of Bheem and Salman Khan of Lord Krishna.

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