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What is Aditya Roy Kapoor’s style all about?

We all know who Aditya Roy Kapoor is. He is that guy from Aashiqui 2 who gave up his life for the love of his life. Quite mindlessly if I may add. He is that brooding guy from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani who had a penchant for gambling and booze. Two major movies and in both the movies he is an alcoholic.

If you don’t give up this bad bad bad habit Adi, we might actually recommend Alcoholics Anonymous to you. Don’t you think? But we aren’t here to discuss his lifestyle. We are here to discuss his style!!

He is handsome and that is putting it very lightly. He is handsome in a very brooding kinda way. The way that gets you thinking OHMYGOD! There are millions of girls dying for him. Just a little glimpse would make their day. But did y’all ever stop for one moment and wonder what is it about this guy that the girls are so crazy about? He’s just an average looking guy. Not the typical definition of tall dark and handsome. But just a 7/10 guy. What has gotten into us girls!

Hold on to your seats cause am about to enlighten you guys what is SO nice and crazy and special about Aditya Roy Kapoor.

First things first! We love how un-metrosexual he is. I mean every actor from the industry is way too metrosexual. For example. Look at Imran Khan. Dressed to kill, always looks perfect with neatly shaved jaw and manicured nails and the perfect Tom Ford suits and shining Louboutins. Well, thank God for that cause we all love a decent well cultured man. But Aditya Roy Kapoor’s not so metrosexual ways really get to us. The oh-so-casual attitude. We just love it. How he doesn’t spend hours on grooming himself.

Next, we love his stubble. Oh God, yes! We are not fans of clean shaved boys like Varun Dhawan and all. They just look bland. That’s a big no no. That doesn’t mean we want someone like Anil Kapoor. Hmm! Keep it moderate guys! He has a rather sharp jaw line and we love his imperfect stubble. It really compliments his curly hair. Yes, we also love his curly hair.

Then we love his rugged look. That brooding look on his face. Like he’s a grown man. Seen the world, done it all and now he;s ready to conquer type. It isn’t vengeance but something close. Nothing fatal.

We also love his dressing sense. Always casual. A button down shirt, chinos and shoes and sometimes a blazer or a jacket to go with it. Effortless!

Last but not the least we love, Love, LOVE the multi-billion dollar smile on his sweet face! That traffic stopping smile. We just love it. The fact that his smile could light up our day. We also love his mesmerizing eyes but we are more happy with the smile.

Well, lets end this not very normal fangirling about Aditya Roy Kapoor by wishing him a very happy birthday!! We love you adi! document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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