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Sherlyn Chopra In KamaSutra 3D Oozes Hotness In Abundance! Oh la la!!

We do read about film stars buying a new car, dating someone’s ex, decorating their new mansions, walking out of films, being a victim of malfunctions, getting into rifts blah blah blah!! That is monotonous and that is definitely not exciting! So, you ask me what is exciting? Hold your horses!

When you say the words ‘sexual pleasure’, ‘passion’, ‘wild love’, ‘lust’ and so on.. What pops into you head? Okay, I don’t know about yours but what instantly crosses my mind is Kama Sutra. Wowow!! Relax.. Excited already?

Don’t ask me why I am writing about this suddenly. We’ve all learnt about Kama Sutra when we were little..yeah yeah, without parents knowledge, I know. Kama Sutra is an ancient Hindu text that talks about human sexual behavior. We must say this text, ages ago, laid the foundation for all the over-the-top coochie-cooing that we see today. One doesn’t really need to hear more than the word ‘kamasutra’ to get that wicked smile on the face!

Now you will ask me why am I giving KamaSutra so much importance? Good question. I told you to hold on na. But I can’t really blame you for your eagerness and so I’m going to drive straight to the point now after all the grandma tales and education I gave you so far.

If mere reading, hearing and talking about this can be so exciting, imagine watching it on a big screen. Yes, don’t be so surprised! Its not 1st April and I am not fooling you. A newer, hotter, sexier version of Kamasutra is all set to release this..umm, we still don’t know the date yet. Sorry for the disappointment. *wink*

What is driving everyone even more crazy is the fact that the lead actress of this film is none other than controversy’s most loved baby, Sherlyn Chopra. Hmm.. now we’re talking, eh? Its a well known fact that this lady is more than just famous for her publicity stunts of posing naked and semi-naked for pictures just so she’d grab eyeballs. Nobody paid her much attention then but this time its going to be different.

Hey hey hey!! Did I tell you that this Kamastura is not going to be like any other film you watch in a theatre? Why? Okay, so here it is.. This film is all set to release in 3D. Whaaaa??? Yes!!! Imagine!! Phew! Its getting hot here already.

The hot as fire Sherlyn Chopra has always been in the news for being the only bold Indian to pose for adult magazines and all. But this time she is going that extra mile to make sure nobody steals her thunder. Well, Sherlyn darling..nobody could ever dare to!!

The film also stars Milind Gunaji, Makarand Deshpande, Salim Kumar, Naseer et al. Yeah fine, I know you’re not interested in the men. So, anyway, we were talking about Sherlyn Chopra right? I have some hot stuff to show you. This is A-rated and censored, alright?

The film is about a princess who goes in search of her husband but ends up going through a major transformation of her BODY (OH LA LA), mind and soul. Get ready to go on a hot, sexy and passionate journey!

Here are some pictures of KamaSutra 3D that will definitely set the temperature rising!
The posters barely hide the lady’s assets! Now you want more? Okay, so here’s a gallery of just Sherlyn Chopra’s look in the film!

[nggallery id=1132]

WOWWWW!! Those were some sexy curves, quite literally!! Now I know you’re getting too eager to watch the film. Not film but we can promise you short clipping of the film. Here you go..


Okay thats it for now!! I am going to switch my AC on for while. The room just got hotter like never before. Or I think I should just go and meditate on the Himalayas for a couple of days!! Phew!!!}d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

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