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WATCH: Vivek Oberoi compares himself to Heath Ledger’s Joker act.. Whaaatttt?

The recent hit flick Krrish 3 sees Vivek Oberoi play the role of Kaal, a super villain, and he did do a decent job as a baddie. But, comparing his performance to Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight, hahahahaha, you sure are kidding, right Vivek?

Hahahaha! We still can’t stop laughing.

So, at a recent interview, Vivek was asked how he feels about the positive response he has gotten for his ‘Kaal’ performance, to which he replied, the audiences and his fans (FAN(s).. is what he meant?) loved him as Kaal in Krrish 3 and that they compared his acting to that of the inimitable Gabbar Singh in Sholay as well as Mogambo in Mr India, and then, hahhhahaha, he dropped the Ledger bomb.

FYI Vivek, Ledger’s Joker was the complete embodiment of villainy, none has been able to match him so far.

Well people, this is not the first time. Earlier too Vivek had once compared himself to Johnny Depp. Yes guy, hahahahhaahha. Can sombody please tell him he is Vivek Oberoi!

Meanwhile, wethinks, someone must have told him he is a joker. And poor Vivek thought it was a comparison with Heath Ledger. *wink*

Watch the video below.

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