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Kareena Kapoor and Soha Ali Khan chill out and booze together

Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor has off late quite often spoken about her sis-in-law, Soha Ali Khan. She seems to be very fond of her and the duo share a great relationship together. Soha too, has always had only good words for Bebo and is in awe of the actress.

Kareena reveals that more than sisters, they are friends and that that have deep conversations overs drinks. ” We do not have that sister-in-law kind of a relation. Our family is very modern. Soha and me can chill, have a drink and talk. We are quite relaxed,” Kareena Kapoor said.

Earlier, Soha had mentioned about how much she loves her sister-in-law and the way she prioritises her life. Soha also said that more than anything, it’s the respect that she has for Bebo. “She’s lovely and I have immense respect for her as she has two main focuses in her life – one is work and the other is my brother. And she’s balancing both of them pretty well,” Soha had said.

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