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Arjun Kapoor: Ranveer Singh is the Johnny Depp of India!

Arjun Kapoor has given a special nickname for Ranveer Singh and it happens to be Johnny Depp! The reason why Arjun calls him Johnny is because of Ranveer’s fetish for hats. The Ram-Leela actor said, “Arjun keeps teasing me, ‘Baba, you are the Johnny Depp of India’. He loves taking my case.”

About his obsession for fedoras, the actor added, “It happened accidentally. I have been collecting fedoras since I was a kid. I love hats. I love different sh*t. I dislike the preppy stuff — clean shaven, polo T-shirt, loafers etc. I like anything that’s distinctive. Besides, I love Johnny Depp. I could count him as one of my favourites.”

Apparently, his most favourite actor happens to be Deepika Padukone. He joked, “Deepika is my favourite. Even in Hollywood, it’s Deepika Depp or Johnny Padukone.” document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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