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Jackpot: New track ‘Kabhi Jo’ where Sunny Leone is seen making-out!

If only Sachiin Joshi could be somehow stopped from featuring in this otherwise beautifull shot video, Kabhi jo baadal barse song from the movie Jackpot would have been such a visual treat. If Sunny Leone roams around in lush green jungle in skimpy outfits showing off stunning curves, it is only wide of Mr Joshi to seize the opportunity and keep an extremely close eye on the bombshell.

The track has been sung by Arijit Singh and composed by Sharib Toshi, this track is about longing for love. Kaizad Gustad, has chosen to show some waterfalls, a mysterious fog and vast spred of greenery through which Sunny Leone is seen wandering around without any purpose.. sometimes in reverse motion too! You have to watch the video in order to understand the things which I’m talking about. We wish he had drawn the line at Sachin Joshi taking his shirt off to give a glimpse of his tattooed torso as the seductress shoots suggestive glances at him.

Take a dekho at this song and tell us: how unconventional a pair do Leone and Joshi make?

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