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Does Ranveer Singh love for his moustache more than Deepika?

The lead actors of Ram Leela, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone attended a press conference at a mall in the Mumbai.
As usual, Ranveer was alsoo praises for his “friend” Deepy. He also spoke about his character in the film and the amount of hard work he put in for his character Ram.

Deepika also spoke about her character in the film. Ram Leela is extensively shot in Rajasthan and Deepy has a very special connect with the place. She said, “I have a special connect with Rajasthan. I still remember my first commercial ad shoot in Bikaner before venturing into Bollywood. It’s a lucky place for me.”

Meanwhile, Ranveer taked about what his mustache meant to him. He said, “The character of Ram is quite close to Ranveer in real life. And I just love my mustache. To play Ram in the film, I did a lot of hard work, including long hours of workout, learning Gujarati and growing this moustache.” Ranveer has been sporting his well-waxed handle bar mustached look ever since he began shooting for Ram-Leela, and the actor is rather fond of it. ‘Since I’m done with the movie now, and soon I will be beginning to shoot for a new film, mujhe apni moochh mundhwana padega. Kyonki meri next film agle 10 din me shuru hone wali hai.”

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