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Hrithik Roshan talks about Krrish, life and more

You know what they say? That which doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger? Yep! That very saying or rather quote is Hrithik Roshan’s mantra and to literally translate it, his tumor didn’t kill hum but made him only stronger! Yes, don’t you think? He took the advised one week rest and was soon back on his feet shooting for Krrish.

I mean, it was HIS movie, he could stop it anytime he wanted and start the shoot whenever he felt like it, but he isn’t that kinda guy, who would just sit back and make excuses. Hrithik is the type who would buckle up after a fall, stand tall and make things happen. Yes, that’s our boy! He says he doesn’t let negativity effect him nor is anyone else powerful enough to affect him or destroy him. He says it’s his life and he has got the control over it.

To quote Hrithik, “No one has wronged me.. If anyone affects you negatively, then you have given him that power to affect you. That power is mine and I don’t give it to you to affect me in a bad way”. Wow, insightful! Don’t you think? I mean it was quite deep and yet very simple. Just don’t let anything effect you. Build your your exterior and sit back and relax. Easy to say right? But Hrithik Roshan has certainly worked hard to build that exterior.

Talking about his movies, is he happy about the way Krrish has turned out? He says he isn’t only happy but he is extremely proud of what they have done. “Krrish is completely an Indian film. It was our decision that every special effects shot would be done in India. So it;s your first fully homegrown high budget VFX superhero musical.” Well, this is something to be proud about. Don’t you think? Congratulations on that one Hrithik! We are all really happy for you. It’s a shame that the movie didn’t really please us, but we applaud the initiative.

The movie according to Hrithik Roshan, was perfect. What would the perfect life be like according to Hrithik Roshan? “First of all, perfection is impossible. It is in your head, an idealistic point of view. Frankly, as long as you are enthusiastic about your day, everything is perfect. You wake yo in the morning with enthusiasm and automatically you have more moments of joy in your day, more moments of strength, more moments of laughter and there you have the perfect life.” Wow, how did he become so insightful? Aren’t all actor and actresses supposed to be shallow? Hmm..

Three must haves before he leaves his house? His phone and earphones, he cannot leave without brushing his teeth (imagine bad breath from such a hottie?!) and he doesn’t leave his house without hoping for a great day! That’s terrific! Hope for the best and you will get the best.

I’m actually starting to like Hrithik Roshan. He’s got his life sorted. Every couple has some misunderstanding, so we are gonna give the whole Suzanne walking out fiasco a pass. Then he’s an amazing son, a doting father, a handsome husband and a HOT actor. What’s not to like?

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