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If Bollywood actors starred in Avengers

I think its clear by now that Hrithik Roshan’s dream of entering the 1000 crore club is shattered with the release of Krrish 3. He might beat the 400 crore mark set by Shahrukh Khan’s Chennai Express. Krrish 3 may even crawl and make it to 600 crore but 1000 crore? Nope! But I do have a brilliant idea. The makers of Krrish or any other fancy producers in Bollywood should try to remake the Avengers. It would be so awesome! Don’t you think? And who would play what? Read below!!

Tony Stark

I don’t think there is anyone who could play Tony Stark. Robert Downy Jr’s performance as Tony Stark/Iron Man took the movie to an entirely new level. If there is anyone in Bollywood who can probably come as close to Robert Downey Jr, then it has to be our Badshah, Shahrukh Khan. I have a strong gut feeling that he can play the rich, arrogant, philanthropist very well. Don’t you think? I mean who else? Hrithik? Nah! Ranbir? Nope, he’s too young to play Iron Man. I think for now, we should be happy with Robert Downey Jr.

Captain America

Quick question! Who is the latest newbie in Bollywood who is always lost and is always brooding? Any guesses? Aditya Roy Kapoor!!!! Two films old and in both the movies he was brooding and was lost just like Captain America. Aditya Roy Kapoor or rather ARK would fit the description of Captain America perfectly! I’m sure after watching the Bollywood remake of Avengers, we can proudly say, Steve Rogers ho toh ARK jaisa!


There are no second thoughts. If you look at all the actors dead and alive, there is no one and I mean it when I say no one who can beat Sunny Deol. He has to be the Hulk. There are no questions and no qualms about it. Hell! He wouldn’t even have to work for it. He would just be himself, tear the sky apart and nail it! We are all well aware of his rage and fury and his dhai kilo ka haath. Even his voice would suit the role. No modifications whatsoever!


Salman Khan has to be Thor!!! I mean who else can possibly play the role of Thor with so much conviction? Didn’t you guys watch Veer? Agreed that it flopped terribly but hey! Salman Khan’s character was totally drool worthy. Again, I must say, no one can be the crown prince of Asgard except for Salman Khan. If Shahrukh Khan gets to play Tony Stark then justice must prevail. Salman Khan must play Thor. No budging on that.

Black widow

If Vivek Oberoi plays Loki then the title of Black Widow must go to Priyanka Chopra. Her performance in 7 Khhon Maaf left me awestruck and I’m pretty sure that she can portray the role of Black Widow better than Scarlett Johansson herself. If they ever remake the Avengers then Priyanka Chopra has to be the Black Widow. Kangana Ranaut can portray the role of Black Widow as well, but she wouldn’t do justice to the role. It wouldn’t be complete. Something would be missing.


Loki, the sleazy villain. Guess who’s the latest villain in Bollywood these days? Does Maya ring a bell? Yes! That’s rightt! Playing Loki would be like second nature to Vivek Oberoi. He officially has a string of hit movies where he plays the baddie. Vivek has played the role of cold murderer, a gangster but will he be able to play the role of a guy whose only purpose is to destroy planet earth? Probably. But can he get that deep contempt and loathe for mankind in his eyes? Let’s hope so!!


I can’t think of anyone who can play Hawkeye. I mean Bollywood is filled with talent but I just cannot picture anyone who can play the role of Hawkeye. Maybe Saif Ali Khan. OhmyGod!! Saif Ali Khan can actually play Hawkeye. It would be so cool and both of them are so similar. Like in every aspect. Height, weight, the shape of their face. Hah!

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