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Alia Bhatt’s relationship with aloo fry and burgers!

After the release of Student of the Year, all my friends had this hugeee crush on the sweet yet feisty Alia Bhatt. They were dreaming about her, fighting for her, imagining midnight drives with her and fantasizing about long walks on the beach with her.

It was a total chaos! Every boy/teenager/adolescent/man was in love with Alia Bhatt. For those who were bored with Priyanka,Deepika,Katrina, Alia was like a breath of fresh air. She was like a blessing in disguise for all the bouuys. Little did they know that not only is she very pretty, she’s also a foodie! So if there ever was a one in a million chance that you’d get to go on a date with her, don’t be surprised if she would order a huge burger and devour it right in front of you!

Like I said, she’s a foodie and like every person who lives to eat as opposed to those unfortunate few who eat to live, Alia Bhatt has her favorites! From starters to main course to desserts! So lets get started!!

First things first. Is she very picky and all hi-fi? Nope! She can eat just about anything as long as its yummm and delicious! It isn’t must that the chef should be cordon bleu or the restaurant should have 5 Michelin stars. Apne Raju bhaiyya ki pani poori would do as long as its hygienic and tasty!

This pretty lady says that she has a love-hate relationship with food. Since she is in the world of glitz and glamour, she ALWAYS has to watch her diet and that isn’t an easy thing. Alia’s daily lunch consists of egg whites, fruits, a salad of stirred veggies and chicken and last but not the least, buttermilk! Sounds yum for a day, but imagine eating that everyday?! Nope, so on days when Alia Bhatt is super tired of her regular meals, she cheats on her diet with bhel puri and sev puri.

We covered her regular meal, but what about her detox meal? Everyone needs to cleanse themselves, don’t they? Alia’s detox meal consists of doodhi juice, sprouts and lime water. And when she is partying, she prefers whiskey,beer and rum over cocktails.

Since I was a little kid, I knew that my mom was the best cook in the whole wide world and to my surprise even Alia Bhatt feels the same! No no! She doesn’t feel that my mom is the best cook, she feels that her mom is the best cook. You get my point? To each its own! She LOVES the aloo fry her mom makes, so you guys out there(read Arjun Kapoor and Varun Dhawan), if you ever get into a serious relationship with Alia Bhatt, do learn her mum’s secret recipe.

What are the other things that she likes that are made by mommy dearest? Pesto Pasta with mushrooms and chickens and feisty Alia loves to top this pesto pasta with lots of chilli flakes and schezwan sauce. They also apparently have a lavish Christmas dinner where Soni Razdan, her mum makes these amazing pigs in blanket. They are nothing but little sausages of chicken and rolled in bacon and then baked. And once that’s done, Alia tops them with maple syrup and lemon sauce.

With that, one would obviously assume that Alia loves cooking? Again, we are wrong, this young lady cannot cook a thing and she is not proud of this. Maybe it comes with the package of being born with a golden spoon.

Now, lets get to her favourites!
Junk food? She cannot resist a good burger!
Dessert? Creamy Cheesecakes
Main course? The crispy aromatic duck at Yauatcha, Mumbai.
Favorite places:
1. BBC i.e, Bombay Baking Company! The have the most amazing desserts!
2. Yauatcha (Mumbai) The dim sum cuisine is to die for.
3. Chipotle (London) If you wanna have Burritos, then head over to chipotle please!

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