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What happened in Bollywood last week!!

MOVIE REVIEWS: Satya 2 Review: A Horrible Deja Vu

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Ram Gopal Varma’s creativity seems to have died and Satya 2 seems to have risen from the ashes of dead creativity. It is a bland movie which is worse than tasteless, over-cooked cabbage. Bollywood Celebden Presents Satya 2 review. Read more


GOSSIP: Deepika Padukone gets mobbed by her fans!

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Deepika Padukone recently had a terrible experience while interacting with some of her fans at a publicity even to launch a magazine. While it is still unclear, exactly how it all developed, sources tell us that while waiting for the event to begin, Deepika was interacting with some fans outside her car. Read more

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Check out Salman Khan’s home-on-wheels!

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Take a look at Salman Khan’s second home, his vanity van. Like they say, a King always lives in a Palace, be it anywhere! Well, this stands true for Salman, whose van is no less than a palace. Read More

PHOTOS: Bollywood beauties dressed in their festive best!

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This year saw a number of celebrities including Amitabh Bachchan, Bipasha Basu, Aamir Khan among the others hosting Diwali parties. We spotted several Bollywood beauties dressed in their festive best. Take a look at all the designer and branded gear sightings from high profile Diwali bashes. Here

VIDEOS: Bollywood Top 15 best love songs of this decade, so far

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They say love makes the world go round and we cannot agree more. Whether you are falling in love, about to profess your love for someone, missing someone you love or looking for ways to find love, we have a love song for every occasion. Here’s a look at some of Bollywood’s best love songs that have not only touched our hearts, but have also made us fall in love with our special ones all over again.  Here

The Harsh Column – Traveling the World with Shahrukh Khan’s Arms

Ladies & Gentlemen, please put your hands together for the world’s most famous tour guide- Shahrukh Khan! Besides being a winner of countless awards and owner of an IPL team which knows very well how to lose every game, Shahrukh adds quite a punch as cultural ambassador for snow capped mountains. Follow Shahrukh as he introduces you to the joys of Himalayan air and dancing in the snow. Read more

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